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After experimenting with different textures, layouts and scales; I screen printed the composition in 4 colours in an edition of 12 and put them up for sale for the cost of a donation to Alzheimers Scotland. 

Although mostly unfinished or rough experiments, some of the art was fantastic. I decided to select my favourite pieces and create a composition out of them.

My Dad— Ali —has always been a keen artist, and even though he has been diagnosed with Alzheimers he still enjoys making art. I came across some material he created in the Dementia Centre during 2017.

We raised over £400 and the project was the winner of the RGU Art and Heritage Purchase Award. The projects is being developed alongside Alzheimers Scotland and 4 other creatives, we are developing the project across the north of Scotland, hosting workshops with the aim of creating an exhibition. 

(04) ALI'S


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