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For my Dissertation I investigated printed matter and why, in a digital world, it was not obsolete but  becoming more popular and thriving. I displayed my findings in a 96–page hand bound book which was in itself a conclusion to my writings.

Book Specs;

  • Hardback Bound

  • 96 pp

  • Screenprinted Cover

  • Silver Embossing Powder Finish

  • Marbled Paper Inset

  • Title: Helvetica Neue Bold

Layout, Grid & Typesetting Specs;

  • A5 Page Size

  • Body: Georgia Regular 12 pt

  • Leading: 20pt

  • Baseline Grid: 10pt

  • Margins: Outside 15mm (1), Top 22.5mm (1.5), Inside 30mm (2), Bottom 30mm (2)



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