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As well as contributing the graphic I wrote a small article and have been commissioned to design the front covers for the SLR for the next year. 

Using material I resourced from an archive and a typewriter I created 'A Visual History of the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders' a Zine retelling the story of the Work–In which included prints of famous newspaper articles. It was encased in an envelope featuring badges and a stamp.

I sent the zine out to a few organisations related to the Work–In and Jimmy Reid, the leader of the movement. The Scottish Left Review—a political magazine—asked to use the graphic I created for the back page.

The Upper Clyde Shipbuilders 1971 Work–In was a peaceful protest that changed the political landscape of Scotland.  The 50th year anniversary seemed like a good time to investigate an event that I had family members involved in

I have continued to also produce UCS material, such as this typeface based around signs from the protest as there are potentially more events and promotional material being produced for the 50th anniversary of the end of the protest this year.

(02) UCS:


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